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WT-P Rules of 23-7-2015
Forum » Clan Site » WT-P Rules
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23rd Jul 2015

WT-P Rules

Rule 1: The WT-P Chat is our general chat so you are forced to speak english in it

Rule 2: If you want to speak in your desired language you can go to one of our language chats they usually start with WT-P in the name so go to channels and type WT-P in the search bar

Rule 3: Dont spam in the all chats under the name of WT-P

Rule 4: Dont flame in one of the chats there is a special chat to flame in wich will go under the name
WT-P Flame

Rule 5: You are not allowed to insult each other!

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Those are the current rules we got, Breaking any of those will meet warnings running up to 3 warnings = ban

Did you see someone abusing the rules? message one of the staff members!
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Last Edit: 23rd Jul 2015 by Skrill_Craft
Forum » Clan Site » WT-P Rules
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